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Ministry in Mexico

From 2003 to 2011, we were teaching in Pachuca, Mexico, at the Centro de Estudios Teológicos y Ministeriales, training pastors, missionaries and other Christian workers for the ministry in Mexico and other countries. The apostle Paul talks about this type of ministry in 2 Timothy 2:2. Dean taught Synopsis of the Old and New Testaments, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, a Bible course on Isaiah, and a theology course on Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). He co-pastored a mission church with the Seminary director where he taught a series on Second Peter, the doctrine of salvation, a series on the Christian life, and a series of studies on the book of Revelation. Sylvia taught individual music classes to students in piano, voice, flute and autoharp at the seminary.

Live seminary classes online

After an eight-year seminary ministry in Mexico, in 2011 we had to leave because of the effects on Sylvia of the elevation in Pachuca (8,000+ feet). But God in His marvelous grace enabled us to continue with teaching online for the same seminary. Dean is still considered a professor at the Center for Theological and Ministerial Studies in Pachuca, Mexico (CETYM). It is especially important for Dean to continue his involvement because there is a critical shortage of seminary faculty and it is difficult to find teachers in Mexico. Dean teaches Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Synopsis of the Old and New Testaments, Isaiah, Doctrine of Salvation, the Gospels, Summary of Doctrine, and Exodus-Leviticus. These are live classes by videoconferencing and are the equivalent of regular seminary classes. The students come to class just like they do for other professors who are on site. Sylvia assists with administration, communication with former students, and other support activities. We rejoice to see our students going into the pastorate, cross-cultural missions in other countries, and support work in churches (as in 2 Tim. 2:2). Two of our former students serve in countries closed to the gospel and one of them has seen several people come to know Christ.

You can see the seminary web site: CETYM

Facebook: CETYM

Recent developments

Dean has been able to visit the seminary for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the first semester the last three years. These visits enable him to get to know the new students. It makes it easier to have an online relationship with the students when he has spent time with them face-to-face.

Also, recently the seminary has finally been able to contract for a more stable internet connection. This will hopefully keep down lost connections, stuttering audio, frozen video, and other problems we were plagued with. Recently God provided a better laptop at the seminary to receive Dean's calls and a much faster laptop for Dean to use for the classes. The quality of the connection and the class participation have been so much better with the improvements in equipment.

We would covet your prayers in these areas:

  • Continued good connection and class participation
  • More students and faculty for the seminary in Pachuca
  • The financial support to continue (it is a faith ministry)
  • The health for both of us to continue in this ministry
Seminary main entrance
Offices (foreground) and auditorium (back)
Classrooms from main lobby
Piano Lab-unfortunately with no music teacher not being used anymore
Sylvia Teaching
One of the founders Linden Unruh and Brenda
who ministers in a repressed country.
Linden went to be with the Lord in 2013.
Paul Unruh, Academic Dean,
in the lobby
Dean and seminary director Absalón Vazquez baptizing
Some of the eight 2016 Graduates
Dean in live class on visit to Pachuca
Class in Pachuca
Dean teaching from his office
Teaching Hebrew Online
Facebook page for class

Watch a video of Dean teaching Hebrew class

Watch Sylvia in a piano lab

See a newsletter with a story about a graduate of the seminary. Newsletter.

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