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Q How did the Magi "KNOW" to follow the star? Were there signs in heaven to help them understand that it was HIS star? Do you believe in the zodiac--not as in the perverted aspect, but as it was made to be--like when God took Abraham and showed him the stars. Was there a story in the stars then, that was told through the centuries. Maybe that's what the Magi saw.

A The Magi were probably priest-sages from the area of Persia, Arabia, or Babylonia. There would have been any number of Jews of the dispersion in those areas who could have passed along knowledge of Israel’s Hope. Over the ages, many who were not of Israel came to Israel to know more of her God. These Magi probably were God-fearers who were looking for the Jewish Messiah as the Hope of the world. Of course, when God sent the star, He may have supernaturally informed the Magi of Christ’s birth in Judea, similar to His calling Abraham from his country to the land of Canaan. More than likely the star was a supernatural manifestation of God’s presence, like the pillar of fire that guided the Hebrews through the wilderness. The Magi called it “His star,” as if it had been particularly created for Him. Since these were the learned men of the day, they would have understood any alignment of stars of natural origin. This star drew them to travel a long way and “went before them,” and “came and stood over where the young child was” (Matthew 2:9). No natural star could have done that. I don’t think they needed any other “signs in heaven” to motivate them to follow. They were looking for the blessed hope already.

When God showed Abraham the stars (Genesis 15:5) it was to illustrate to him how many descendants he would have. I don’t believe there is any “gospel in the stars,” as some have taught. Although the heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1) and Paul says God’s invisible attributes can be known in creation (Romans 1:20), nowhere does Scripture say anything about the gospel or any other particular message in the stars. My question about these schemes concerning messages in the stars is, "Would anyone have recognized them?" This whole seems to be to be a carryover from astrology.

One way or another, the Magi knew to follow the star because God revealed it to them. They followed in faith and have served as an example to this day. God comes to us and draws us to His Son. Some of us, like the Magi following the star, follow Him in faith. 


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