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How To Know 
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Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?

2 Peter Bible Study



The Christian and the World

A Fresh Look at Rom. 7:13-25

Is the Tithe for Today?

What does John 1:1 say about the Trinity?

The Development of the Name Jehovah

Does Ephesians 2:8-9 Teach that Faith is a Gift?

Rules of Biblical Interpretation



If Jesus Christ is the only way to God what about those who have never heard of Jesus Christ?

Is the Bible reliable?

Are there contradictions in the Bible?

How were the 66 books of the Bible determined to be the Word of God?

What are the differences between Christianity and religions?

What makes each denomination different?

Why are there books in the Catholic Bible that are not in the Protestant Bible?

Why is it that, although God is clearly against killing, he commands people in the Old Testament to kill?

God created everything, doesn't that include evil, and doesn't that make evil infinitely good?

Who is actually the creator of evil?

Where did Cain get his wife?

Questions concerning Jesus' crucifixion.

What does Matthew 6:22 mean in its context?

What does it mean for Christ to be lifted up and draw all men to Him?

Can a participle be modal and have an article?

Did Jesus go to hell?

Does 1 Peter 3:20-22 teach that we need to be baptized to be saved?

I just finished reading the Book of Job, but I am still a little confused about its teachings. In the end, how did Job resolve his problem?

Are there sources outside the Bible that help prove Jesus was the Son of God?

Does God control our destiny?

Three philosophical questions about life and death.

Can you explain the Lord's Prayer to me?

When Jesus said " My Kingdom is not of this world,"  doesn't that contradict the idea of a literal kingdom on earth?

Can you explain the biblical test in 1 John 4:1?
I would like to know what crowns we can receive and how we receive them. I want as many as I can to throw at the feet of Jesus.  

How could 2 million Israelites have crossed the Red Sea in one night?

Where are some passages in the Bible that could be used to teach teenagers that premarital sex and/or homosexuality are wrong?

Is there any place in the Bible that tells of a place such as purgatory?

How did the Magi know to follow the star?

In Phil 3:11, Paul used the term "IF" when speaking about his own future resurrection. Wasn't Paul already saved? If so, why would he use the "IF"?  

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